• What is canyoneering?
  • Is canyoneering safe?
  • Do I need experience?
  • What if I can't swim?
  • How far in advance should I make a reservation?
  • What about payment and cacellatons?
  • What do I need to bring?
  • Will my contact lenses be ok?
  • Can you provide transport from the airport?
  • Do tours run in bad weather?
  • When is the best season?
  • Can I choose which course to go on?
  • Can I drive from the US?
  • What languages do guides speak?
  • How is the transportation vehicle?
  • Do you have package deals with accommodation?

  • 1. What is canyoneering?

    Canyoneering is the sport of traveling down in a natural rock canyon by employing various techniques; abseiling and jumping waterfalls and cliffs, cascading down natural chutes and water slides, swimming through crystal clear pools and using special rope systems, such as flying foxs.
    There is usually a small amount of hiking required to access most courses, but once in the canyon, mostly all of the time is spent in the water.

    In contrast to wet canyoneering, dry canyons can offer different scenaries and different techniques, a very popular sport on Mexican winter.

    2. Is canyoneering safe?

    As with any adventure sport, canyoning involves an element of risk... 
    However, Canyons prides itself on using only highly professional experienced guides, and highest quality safety gear to control the risk element, and provide you with a safe and positive canyoneering experience.

    3. Do I need experience?

    No, all of our canyons can be enjoyed by first time canyoners. We will teach you the all of necessary techniques for a safe descent during the tour.
    For those with canyoning or abseiling experience, we can provide special options within some of the courses that allow for harder routes.

    4. What if I can't swim?

    On all tours a specialized canyoning lifejacket is worn which provide ample bouyancy. Therefore swimming skills is not essential. But should be able to jump to the water.

    5. How far in advance should I make a reservation?

    To be sure of securing a place on a weekend, it is best to book at least 2 weeks in advance, 3 weeks in advance for the summer period. It is possible that there will be places still left "on the day", but this is very rare.

    6. What about payment and cancellation?

    All information on payment and cacellation

    7. What do I need to bring?

    Change of clothes, good tennis shoes (amphibian recommended), towel, your swimwear (or tights) and shorts is some of the things you require. More information on what you'll need will be available to you'll need will be provided depending on the destination and season of your reservation. .

    8. Will my contact lenses be ok?

    If you are worried about your contacts lenses, you can bring your swimming goggles, although you should be fine without them. Just close you eyes!
    You can also bring your old regular lenses, and take them off before each jump.
    This will depend on the destination and season you choose.

    9. Can you provide transport from the Airport?

    Yes. We provide a pick up and drop off service to Monterrey International Airport or to the the local hotel. Please let us know when you make your reservation that you will be travelling by airplane, and we will make the necessary arrangements. You can also take an airport taxi to most of our destinations meeting point.

    10. Do tours run in bad weather?

    Depends. We can run tours in a certain amount or rain, but it is likely that we will cancel tours in the event of heavy rain. If this occurs, we can give you the option of changing to a dry canyon tour, which will run in any weather.

    11. When is the best season?

    There is no real best season for canyoneering because we have a destination for any weather and any season. However, if you are after the most popular canyons April - mid September typically sees hotter and low risk for wet canyons. Canyoneering tours operate daily from late April until mid September.

    12. Can I choose which course to go on?

    You can make a preference on which course you would like to participate and we will make every effort to make that course available on the day. However, a different course may be chosen on the day due to weather conditions, safety regulations and the condition of your group.

    13. Can drive from the US?

    You can drive from the US, we located just 200 kilometers south from Laredo, Texas. If you decide to drive, please consider that you'll need a car permit, and the car should be in your name. Also consider a valid insurance for Mexico.

    14. What languages do the guides speak?

    Native language of all the guides are spanish but they can speak english, and with no problem give all necesary instructions and information on the trip.

    15. How is the transportation vehicle?

    Safari type vehicles, this are modified 4X4 pickup truck, with seats on the back. We know is not a VIP vehicle, but this is the most appropiate vehicle for the type of dirt road we´ll be in. We have a Jeep and a Honda CRF as a support vehicles to give a better service.
    Sometimes we rent the transportation service from the local communities.

    16. Do you have package deals with accommodation?

    Yes. But this will depend on the destination you choose. We have equiped log cabins, camping, refugee, rural homes, city hotels and pueblo hotels.